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BASQ Essendon Fields

Essendon, Melbourne

Cafe, Bar & Restaurant

New Website Design

Basq, a restaurant nestled in Essendon, is welcoming refuge from the brisk air or a cool escape when the temperature swelters. Delicious fragrances permeate the air, harmonising with the soft sounds of glasses and plates clinking.

Our client emphasised the need for simplicity to showcase their culinary dishes, and our team of experts rose to the challenge by crafting a stunning new website. We prioritised easy navigation and streamlined bookings, along with an enticing menu and captivating images, all aimed at enticing customers to order food directly from the website.

By providing a user-friendly experience, finding and ordering your favorite dish is now just a simple click away. To enhance the visual appeal, our talented web designers meticulously blended colors, incorporated striking images, and created a layout that is both visually pleasing and engaging.