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The Macleay Valley Hub is a locally owned and operated business listing directory for the Macleay Valley local area based on the Port Curtis, Mackay region. Each listing has its business page with quick links to contact details, business hours, social media links, images and business location. The website offers an affordable, cost-effective solution to find local businesses with just one click. Its features allow businesses of all sizes to 

Problems and Challenges

The backend was completely unstable. Multiple bugs needed fixing in the backend.

There was a solid need to redesign the look and feel of the website, so it was modern, stylish and appealing to each user type (visitor, hub operator, member). We changed and cleaned up unnecessary tags coding and content. Payment set up was not integrated


Our team of designers and developers analysed various factors and strategic ideas that would help grow local tourism. After considering industry standards for similar products, our design team created a design framework by building on the functionality of their existing website and using existing images to develop a wireframe for a new design. We had set up safe and secured payment set up on their website. Our primary objective wasn't just to make the all pages of website prettier; we wanted it to be more user interactive, functional, Fresh and consistent throughout. Through our designs and development, it's our job to make sure the users have an optimal experience. 


As a result of our vision, the Macleay Valley Hub can now offer a much more advanced and friendly user interface for their business. Tailored for their clientele, the website has been designed to improve functionality and bring in new business. It has all the latest technologies, including dynamic positioning, responsive design and enhanced social media integration. 

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