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With over 50 years of experience in bending, forming and cutting machinery, Delahenty Machinery provides industrial tube manipulation or tube bending machinery and cutting machinery Australia wide to construction, gum manufacturing, defence, shipbuilding, woodworking, furniture, caravan manufacturing and more. 

Problems and Challenges

When Delahenty Machinery company came to us, they were difficult. A majority of the website was not accessible, and upgrading to a newer version of the application. And what's worse is that they needed to quickly implement some usability improvements as soon as possible. However, this posed several challenges. Their existing website had limited features and no back-end access – making things difficult for them and us. Other than this, they were looking for an online marketing solution also. Because with the previous company, they could not grab more leads and visitors on their website. 


In terms of the Delahenty Machinery industry, it was a relatively new field for us. We identified this as a potential opportunity to promote their brand and educate and help visitors/ clients in need of machinery find them very fast. Our proposal was based on a simple mission to make a website where end-users can reach the products within a few clicks, learn more about the products they need, and contact the client if they need more information.


So, We viewed and analysed similar websites in the same category, looked at things that they did right or wrong, and noted our ideas. Our goal was to create a high-quality website where all elements work together in harmony. We spent a lot of time and effort to achieve the best results. We had made a few design variations but finally chose a clean and simple design. The website should be easy to navigate, and its content must be presented as clearly as possible. We defined and brainstormed all the requirements and started with a sitemap for the website and a separate wireframe for the products pages. Then, We created a dynamic custom page for the products to make it easier for the client to add/edit new products. This custom page was then integrated with the WordPress theme on which we designed and built the website. We created a website around a strategic roadmap that showcases the client's values, approach, and the industry's experience.


After fixing the website end-to-end, it was time for Google ads strategy. Firstly we analyse previous company strategies such as their bidding, keywords, ad copies, extensions, and ad settings. And then start making our marketing strategy so that we do not bid on those keywords which were not working earlier.


We kept in mind Delahenty Machinery popular products such as CNC machines, MACMA non-mandrel bender, YLM CNC Tube bender, COBOTS and many more. And accordingly, we considered bidding methods, ad copy, and landing page optimisation and started our ad with maximising click bidding strategy. After two weeks, when we started getting a good number of clicks, we changed it to maximise conversion bidding strategy to get more conversions on our ad. We always target high volume but low competition keywords with effective bids, message matches and extensions.


Moreover, To increase organic traffic, we are working on powerful content pieces and engaging social media posts. Delahenty Machinery organic and paid marketing continuously monitored and managed as per the performance.


Now, it's looking very user-friendly and, at the same time, informative. The website navigation next to each product makes it easy to find all the relevant information about a particular product. Today Delahenty Machinery keep up with more than 500 active users with a page session duration of around 3 to 4 minutes. 


All of these factors make this website quite useful for users, and even if you are not reading anything out from them, you can notice from their eyes that they are happy surfing on this Home page because of its attractive look. 

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