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5 Features of a Content Management System that will help keep your Website Easy to Manage

5 Features of a Content Management System that will help keep your Website Easy to Manage

Any website contains digital content that needs modification, newly created content and sometimes content that you would like to remove.  A Content Management System allows the website user to control all of that, creation, modification as well as the removal of content.

Features of a Good Content Management System:

  1. Intuitive Indexing; will index all data input throughout all your website’s search functions which will ultimately allow users to search efficiently via keywords, publication dates, etc.
  2. Managing Formatting; will help with facilitating of scanned documents and electronic documents into PDF or HTML documents, which will be more easily read and handled.
  3. Provision of SEO-friendly URLs; will make the navigation towards your website much easier. These URLs should contain your web domain, subdirectory and file name, and of course, somewhere in there should feature a keyword or more.
  4. Integrated Online Help; can provide Self-Service Software to customers that can help them placing orders, making payments, search and find information, and interacting with your business through questions and answers.
  5. Publishing Functionality; will allow the use of templates, pre-approved at set-up, wizards, and other tools that can help you to create new content, modify content throughout your website, and then also to take existing content off.

The core functions, or features, of a Content Management System, includes, format management, revision control, indexing, publishing and search and retrieval of all the content on your website.  You can also create a panel for multiple language use and support.

A Content Management System will also provide unlimited size and depth to your content hierarchy with integrated audit logs as well as file managers.  A CMS is also practical in the way that you will need minimal server requirements.

Infographic by: www.fatbit.com